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To report a post, click on the three dots icon at the top right-hand corner of the post and select report.

Groups and members are reported in the same way.

We will email you the outcome of any investigation or action we undertake.

Yes, you can verify your page with a verification badge if you meet our requirements. You can only apply after you fill out your page information. Not all applications will be accepted. Anyone who has a Creator or Business account is eligible to apply for the blue tick.

Click on the profile picture and a drop-down menu will appear with profile links. In the profile tab of your profile, you can adjust your Details and About Me information.

You can upload media by clicking on the Photo, Video or GIF icon in the post box.

Standard membership accounts will always be free.

Yes, members can simply delete their account through their account settings.

Yes. If you are an individual, you can get a Premium personal account with additional features.

Yes, businesses of all sizes can get a business page to showcase their services and brand.

No, advertising is unavailable at this stage.

We have different plans with a variety of features and costs. To learn more about our pricing structure click here. The pricing page explains our various plans.

Click the settings button on the navigation bar of your page. Scroll down until you see a menu on the sidebar. Click on the “contact form” button. Follow prompts to activate the contact form.

Click on your profile picture in the navigation bar (top right). Click “My Pages” in the drop-down menu. Scroll down and click on “Create a New Page” and follow the prompts.

You have to scroll down and click into your page. On your page, click the “Feed” button in the navigation bar. You can then write a status update.


On your page’s navigation bar there is a button that says ‘Members’. Click on this and it will take you to a page where you can add a list of Admins or editors and set user roles for each person. The people you want to make an editor or Admin they must be already following your page.

The creator plan is for users who would like to have a dedicated page and post as a business or public figure. Users with this plan get everything in the free and premium personal plans plus access to create one page for their business. These accounts can apply for a verification badge to communicate they are official.

You can get a creator page at Sign up

The business plan is designed for larger businesses and organisations that would like to have several pages to represent their ventures. Users with the premium business plan get all of the features in the free, premium and creator plans plus additional access to make up to three seperate pages for their businesses.

You can get a business plan at Sign up