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Disability Club is an inclusive social media platform that strives to create an accessible environment for people of all backgrounds and capabilities to connect. This platform is a great alternative to major social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and X, and aims to be a welcoming space for everyone, but particularly for people living with disabilities who may feel excluded from other social platforms.

The first version of Disability Club was launched in December 2021. Disability Club’s major goal was to support and encourage people living with a disability to create connections and have access to an increased range of services. The company aimed to achieve this ambitious goal by:

Disability Club also provides a premium set of services for members who are more dedicated content creators and for businesses and advertisers.

Nathan Johnston - Disability Club CEO

Nathan Johnston

Founder and CEO

Nathan Johnston was born with cerebral palsy and created Disability Club to bridge the gap that people with a disability feel on a daily basis.  Nathan’s initial motivation was sparked by the increased isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During lockdown, I felt isolated and I wanted to connect with likeminded people like myself. And I thought, if there are more people out there like me, they must also feel isolated during COVID-19.”

Nathan built the first version of Disability Club on his own after learning web development and social media marketing through online courses. For a person who can’t read or write, this was a huge challenge from the outset, but for Nathan his ambitious goals have always pushed him to overcome any challenges life throws at him.

“With mainstream media, people with disability sometimes have problems navigating it. Mainstream media doesn’t work well with assistive technologies like reading programs. I wanted a way to make it more accessible.”

Nathan Johnston lives in rural NSW and now works full time on Disability Club from home, tirelessly focused on his goal of creating the most inclusive and accessible social network out there.

Ready to join?

Start enjoying Disability Club’s accessible social media today. Make real connections in a friendly inclusive space that has been designed with everyone in mind. We have a great free offering that is suitable for most social users as well as a premium personal account for more enthusiastic content creators. Business owners will be delighted with the offers we have available to them too.